Pixie and Erynn one year older….

HORSE-HUGToday is my daughter’s 16th birthday.  My little girl – my youngest.  Erynn is such a beautiful person  inside and out.  We could not be more proud of this young lady – intelligent, creative, quick-witted, and confident yet incredibly aware, insightful, and compassionate.  I will never forget when Dean and I were visiting her in the intermediate care nursery at the hospital hearing Dean say “Why is she looking at me like that?  It’s like she can see to my soul.”  Yes….I believe she can….. she’s quite an empath.

I was going to post some baby pictures of Erynn but didn’t want to embarrass her… so decided to focus pictures on her loves….

A huge part of Erynn is her connection with animals.   One can never think about Erynn without including an animal or two or nineteen…. ;)… so I must include a few in this blog post….

A little over a year ago, so many were glued to their screens watching live video as Erynn and I ran back and forth to the barn to be there for Stormy’s foal to be born.  Many were witness to Stormy turning her back on the camera and having little Pixie just out of view but I tried to make up for it in these photographs and recount of the birth.  Not only is today Erynn’s birthday, but yesterday was Pixie’s 1st birthday.   We did a bit of a photo shoot.   I really like catching the two of them when Erynn isn’t looking… because she’s so very relaxed in her element….

A lot has changed in a year – Pixie is soooo much bigger, and Erynn chopped her hair off – which I ADORE…. With her confidence and her “pixie-like” features, she can sure pull it off….. even in barn clothes 😀


What do you think of this color?  Isn’t she gorgeous?  Remember, Erynn mapped out the genetics of the champagne horses at MCM, and we knew this was a possibility.  Classic champagne – almost the color of a weimeraner dog.  Erynn said this is the result of black and champagne genes coexisting together.  As far as her paint markings go, she is considered a tobiano – however, she also has the sabino gene, leaving her paint marking on her shoulder “laced”.

friesian mane

this mane!!!  Nice and thick, similar to a Friesian’s (remember, she’s Tennessee Walker, Friesian, American Paint).  Her mane is black at the base and has “frosting” on the tips, but has a white section coming from her paint markings.

Pixie was not impressed with the cake or the hat….



friesian-cross-horsePixie moves beautifully – and check out how she holds her tail!!

HORSE SHAKING HANDSEveryone talks about how friendly Pixie is.  She comes right up to the gate/fence and hangs out.  It’s so hard to get a picture if you don’t have someone occupying her mind while you step back a little bit.  It helps that from the first day she was born, Erynn was right there handling her.

This coming year, we will be working on ground manners.  My personal goals are to see her lightly working on a lunge line and definitely ponying her on some trails.  She still needs to learn to stand properly in cross ties and to not panic when you take her away from her herd.  We’ll get to it.  The nice weather will help.

At year two, Erynn will begin the processes leading up to riding her.  I have no doubt she is going to be quite the hand full.  The second Erynn let her off the lead to let her run, she FLEW…. and bucked, and carried on………..

dancing-horse champagne

I cannot wait to see what is in store for Erynn and Pixie……  Happy birthday to both you girls!  Erynn, I think you are the envy of so many grown adults who wished they could have their dream horse haha! 😀

classic champagne color horse


And Stormy is 19 years old now, and still as determined to run and carry on as ever.  Erynn is getting her back in shape and ready for a show in another week.



Pixie in the snow…

Pixie in the snow….

We hung out with Pixie for a bit tonight. Of course I took some pictures….CHAMPAGNE-HORSE


Some video – sorry the quality is not that great — but you can see her floaty movements – we love this – hope she is as smooth as she looks!


Pixie is a licker… she loves to lick.  Just like a dog.  (I do not recommend doing this around horses…. anything could happen)





The Entire Story of the Orphan Kitten, Merlin

If you haven’t followed along, in May of 2014, my daughter, Erynn, and I welcomed our brand new foal, Pixie (see Pixie’s Story and picture here).  While waiting for the foal, we had spent the night at the barn.  The one morning, feeding was taking place when two tiny newborn kittens were found in the mud.  Knowing they were most likely from a feral barn cat, I went back out to see if there were any more or signs of the mom.  About 80 horse hooves were stomping around in the mud getting their food, I ducked down when I heard a tiny mew and looked under one of the troughs.  In a 3-inch high space, I saw movement.  I reached in and pulled out three more kittens.

orphan kittensErynn and I immediately went to work – seeing umbilical cords still attached, we ran some warm water, cleaned the mud off of the kittens, and wrapped them up in dry towels.  We looked around for the mom, and frankly, any barn cat that leaves her babies in the middle of that many hooves is probably not actively seeking out her babies.  Regardless, we started feeding with droppers and kept them warm, and figured we may as well raise them ourselves.  There were no other barn cats around that were nursing babies or we would have slipped them in with another mother.

Five beautiful little furry creatures.

Raising kittens is incredibly difficult especially when they are this young.  One night was especially difficult, not knowing exactly why they were screaming so loud.  Erynn made it her personal mission to stay home from school the next day and figure out how to take care of these babies and make them happy.  She was simply amazing.  She developed her own bottle feeding techniques, schedule – was up at night, early in the morning, and going to school while taking care of these orphans.

Unfortunately, two of the little ones passed.  This is very common when nursing kittens this young and were reassured by the vet that Erynn was doing everything anyone would do to care for these kittens, and she was doing nothing wrong.  Our vet, Dr. Brockett at Madonna Vet, is great (  We had to focus on the three that were thriving.  We had absolutely no plans of keeping any of these kittens.  We have plenty of animals and really do not need any more.

Of the three, we watched the little orange boy unable to keep up with his siblings.  The other two began to walk, but to our complete horror, Orange Boy was dragging his entire hind end.  He would hoist himself up on his front legs and drag the back.  Horrible.

spine deformity catWe took him back to the vet.  Dr. B was very happy with the progress of the other two, but Orange Boy was a major problem.  He knew these were “rescues” but he wanted to know what was wrong.  He asked if he could X-ray just for knowledge.  What was shown made our hearts sink.  His spine was completely bent.  Here’s the reverse x-ray so you can see his spine clearly.  Dr. B said that his recommendation was to put him down; however, he was not in pain, and if we decided to keep him, Dr. B would be more than willing to follow him.  The vet also said that he appeared like there was something possibly mentally not right with him either.

Erynn and I talked realistically.  If we could get this little boy to walk on his own, and he could use the litterbox, we would keep him.  If not, we would have to put him down.  Realistically, we have a three level house, quite a few pets, and we all live busy lives.  We could not take care of a severely crippled animal.

deformed kittenWhat were we going to do with this little face?  :/

Erynn began the rehabbing process…. First, he received a name – Merlin.  She started doing water therapy with little Merlin.  He could move his back legs, but he didn’t know how to get them under him.  She would hold them under him and he would put pressure on her hand.  Here is a water therapy session…

We did not take videos of his dragging his legs because it was so horrible to watch and made me want to cry every time I saw it.  I really thought he had no future, and I didn’t want to remember that terrible scene.

Hungry Kitten Video….


Pretty soon, Merlin was walking.  It wasn’t pretty, but he was getting around and using the litterbox. Watch him interact with his mommy….

He was the last one to wean and was significantly smaller than his siblings.  We had a little photoshoot right before his siblings found their new homes.   You can definitely see that Merlin was not like the other kittens.  He was way behind their development, and he always looked sickly.

orphan kittens 1


Merlin is now almost 10 months old.  He cannot walk a straight line, he’s still smaller than the average cat, he sits funny, he cannot clean his behind, but he is a loving and happy cat.   He climbs up everything with his claws and jumps down from beds and does a bit of a handstand on the floor, then brings his back legs down (I must capture that one day).  You can tell there’s something wrong with him, but for the most part, he’s doing great.

(These are images that Erynn took from her phone…She always gets the best shots because he’s always with her.)  Erynn is truly Merlin’s “mommy”.  She is the only one that can pick him up, flip  him over, clean his ears out, clean his eyes, and he just lies there like okay, Mommy is taking care of me now.  It’s really cool to watch.


merlin1 merlin-deformed-cat




And he still gets his baths….. (and sorry for the baby talk)…


Merlin has really come a long way…


We have plenty more videos of Merlin’s early progress – if you’d like to see them, check them out on Erynn’s You Tube Channel HERE.  Erynn plans to become a regular “bottlefeeder” for orphan kittens this spring… We’ll be sharing for sure!


Winter Pixie

horse-lickingLife has changed so much since Pixie was born – mainly in my personal life.  When it started getting darker earlier due to winter, I haven’t been able to get out and spend much time with Pixie, let alone bring the camera and shoot.  Today, we needed to get out there and change her blanket and it was a beautiful day as far as light goes (a snow storm is supposed to be coming tomorrow)

Pixie is a dream – last time I posted, I’m pretty sure I mentioned that she was weaned early because Stormy was skin and bones.  Stormy is slowly putting weight back on and is blanketed with two blankets due to her lack of body fat and she really doesn’t grow a nice winter coat.

But Pixie – is huge… and is so furry, she looks similar to No Brakes, the Icelandic :)  But this is her – fluffy as can be….

champagne classic


First thing Erynn does when she sees Pixie is push her face up against her muzzle…..

kiss horse


Pixie immediately starts interacting….

erynn and pxiehorse bite


(I don’t recommend letting a horse nuzzle you unless you know what you are doing… they do like to taste and bite)….  There is a gentleness about Pixie that we really love…. she definitely loves people.

Completely unlike her brother…. This is her brother, Dip (Dipped in Color).  Stormy is the mom of both Dip and Pixie, different fathers 😉  Dip and Pixie really took to each other – they absolutely are buddies, and if you take one away, the other will call.  This was no surprise to us.  While Pixie is a very “sure of herself” kinda horse… Dip needs to feel secure and quickly adopts other horses.

champagne horses


pixie the horse

We are absolutely thrilled that Pixie is a Classic Champagne, but we are also thrilled you can see some of her friesian father…. check out this Friesian tail!  She did not get this from Stormy in the least….

frosted tail


Her mane is simply gorgeous and going to be so much fun to play with – the roots of her mane and tail are black, but they fade to the frosted ends…. She will keep this through summer and winter.

champagne paint

and of course her paint spot up by her neck creates a lovely white patch….

mane braid


What are you doing Erynn?

training horse
erynn pixieAs you can see, Pixie is not at all bothered that Erynn has decided to hang on her neck.   She may be a little confused, but she just kind of stood there like – whatever….

I know Erynn cannot wait to begin riding her.  We still have another year and a few months before she will be able to ride her; however, there are many things we are planning for this spring and summer as far as training goes.  Pixie has a LOT to learn – ground work will be started.classic champagne horse



girl and horse


Have  you noticed Pixie’s eyes?  Remember they were blue when she was born, and even up to a few months old, they were still blue.  Now?  Now they are a light tone with blue around the pupils which creates almost a green.  Green eyed horses are rare, but I would assume that this would be considered green?  Or at least hazel?

green eyed horse
training foal

Thank you for your patience…. we have so much to share.  I know things have been slow over on this blog.  I’m finally getting life re-organized.  I’m hoping that what I manage to finally post makes up for the space in between posts!


I thought you may want to know what it is like being behind the camera in a field of horses….



photographing horses







This is what it’s like.  Horses are not easy to photograph when you have other horses trying to eat your hat, taste your neck, or trying to push you over because they are incredibly curious about what you are doing.  I know a lot of photographers want to photograph horses, and I caution, unless you have horses or are around horses a lot, it can get dangerous.  You need to know what the signs are that they are going to do something where you can get hurt.

You have to know warning signs and you also have to know when and how to stand your ground.  You cannot let a horse think you are scared or make sudden “fearful” movements around them.

I’ve been kicked in the shoulder (missed my face by about 8 inches) before by a horse that was simply startled – she didn’t see me there.

It’s very satisfying getting photographs of horses, but I just caution – be careful!!!  They are unpredictable, yet they are fairly predictable if you know the horses very well or have been around horses for years.



Summer Pixie….

I have some summer pictures of Pixie to share – wait til you see her winter coat in the next video.

Update: We had to wean Pixie from Stormy early. Pixie was eating everything in sight and draining Stormy of all her nutrients. Stormy looked like a skeleton. It was pretty sad. Pixie is huge. She’s quite a big girl. She’s almost as tall as No Brakes now, and we are all guessing she will surpass Stormy’s height for sure by her 2nd birthday, possibly even before. Pixie is now in the field with her half brother, Dip (Dipped in Color). He looks very similar to Stormy but has two blue eyes. He’s quite an emotional guy, and spooks easily, but we hear he is super smooth (he is gaited – Stormy and Pixie are not). Pixie and Dip have taken well to each other. She eats from his feed bucket all the time, simply pushes him out of the way. Pixie holds her own and is quite bossy and is doing well without Mama…

Stormy is doing better, finally gaining some weight. She still has a ways to go to be back in shape and healthy.

So  I have some images from end of summer……  Here she is being rotten, mid buck…..


and here she is being bad again…. she definitely had no problem bossing her mom around….


For a second, I want you to take this in…. Erynn hadn’t ridden Stormy in months…. and she jumped up on her back, no saddle, no bridle, and no reins…. and just rode…. this girl is an amazing rider with an awesome connection with animals…




Pursing her lips while Erynn scratches her back….class-champagne-horse


You see this tail, right?  She holds it so proud and high…  quite often…



Erynn still riding out with no saddle, no bit, no bridle, no reins, no way to control her horse….



Pixie was about 3 months old here…. do you see how huge she is compared to her mother?  She’s a big girl!



Pixie the horse, playing – new video!

Where have we been?  It’s been a whirlwind of crazy….. still doing some part time photography while working my day job, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with some  holiday shoots and there’s a nasty little health issue…. so I have a lot of catching up to do.

But a confession.  When we returned from our camping trip in September, I lost the memory card with our first GoPro videos on it.  Have you seen those memory cards?  They are like a half inch.  This weekend, I decided to do the holiday cleaning – the intense cleaning that involves scrubbing everything, organizing, and putting everything where it belongs.  The entire time, I had in the back of my head, I must find this card.

Eventually, I was completely upset, I knew it had been knocked off of something, most likely by one of our crazy cats, and vacuumed up.

I went to dust off my dresser, and saw a tiny black corner sticking out under my mirror.  What on earth?  IT WAS THE MEMORY CARD!  So we finally have some video to share – but I’ll share one every day or so… because we have quite a few and I have a terrible internet connection in the cornfields 😉

This is just some video of when we got back from the camping trip (more on that later) and we went out to visit Pixie.  She had a bee that was hovering under her belly and she got quite annoyed and ran off to see Mama to tell on that nasty bee, then she was back, just running around and playing with us….

Note how light her color is here… this is end of summer and she is bleached out.  When I show more current images, you will see she is darker and a bit more grayer-colored, so she is going to be ever changing year round….


and I have to admit… this GoPro thing is going to be a little bit of getting used to.  It’s hard to figure out the correct angles and whatnot…. but we are up for the challenge!  But a word of warning  – never ever look “down” on the GoPro… cause with that wide angle, it will give you 6,000 chins… just saying…..


a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

We put up a GoFundMe a few days ago as many were requesting more video of Pixie.  The problem is, we didn’t have the equipment to really shoot and work with her at the same time.  Since the photography industry has tanked, I don’t have the play money I once had years ago, so after spending as much as we did on getting Stormy pregnant and then keeping the live feed going as we waited on the birth of Pixie for the thousands that were watching, we were just tapped out.  The GoFundMe was in case anyone wanted to contribute to get Pixie and Erynn a GoPro so she can start wearing it and working with Pixie so everyone can have first hand view of the training and adventures.

We are BLOWN AWAY by the generosity out there.  Within a day, the goal was met.  Erynn and I picked up the GoPro last night, and we PROMISE to give you some great video even this weekend as we head out to go camping with No Brakes and Pippi (oh don’t worry, some of Pixie’s first real riding-training will be on this same camping trip in the future).   I will do my best to update here – I have limited access to a hotspot, but when we return, the videos will be flowing!!!!

On a personal note, there was something really nasty said on our GoFundMe where someone called Erynn entitled, and while I do not want to dwell on negativity, I just want to reassure all of our readers.  Erynn has the kindest heart and a sweet nature, and if she in the least ever acted entitled, there is no way I would have even had Stormy bred.  Erynn has proven herself time and time again with responsibility and compassion.  She knew about that nasty comment, by the way…. but then everyone that stepped up and defended her – you all are my heros…. you all are absolutely amazing!

pixie with goatsWhen I got up the next morning before work and saw the goal had been met, I tapped on Erynn’s door.  I told her that some incredibly generous anonymous person donated the last $365, and she just looked at me stunned, wide-eyed, and said, “Why would anyone do that?”  I just said, “Because someone wonderful respects what you do, Erynn…..”

Thank you to everyone…. we will live up to our end of the bargain, for sure!!!


In the meantime, here’s a picture that was sent to me by Trisha at MCM…. Apparently Pixie thinks she is a goat.  She keeps ducking down into the door for the goat pen, and there she stays with all the “goat toys”….. Stormy nowhere around.  She’s a nut!

York County Fair, Come meet Pixie and Stormy in person!

horse_york_fairLast week, Erynn took Pixie up to the York Fair with her 4H group.  Pixie and Stormy went up together with PeeWee (check out his new site!) and Mack one of the lesson horses at Muddy Creek Meadows.  It was PeeWee’s day, so we didn’t make a huge announcement about Pixie when it was his day… and besides, we really didn’t know how Pixie was going to behave.

Pixie did AMAZING.  If you don’t know anything about horses, you may not realize that horses have a flight instinct.  If they are scared, they spook and/or run or rear, or buck, or just about anything.  They can even bite.  A good horse is worth its weight in gold.  You may see people giving away free horses all the time.   Usually it is because the horse is completely worthless to ride – not trained, dangerous, etc.  It is imperitive that a horse be trained from the beginning and worked with and be used to everything.

farm_fair_2I’ll be frank, I was scared to death to send Erynn on her way but I had to work.  I knew she had her trainer and other girls from the barn with her, but it still scared me.  I told her to text me all day until I could get there later on.

First Time in the Horse Trailer

Pixie had never been on a horse trailer before.  Some horses really freak out at the idea of getting into a closed dark metal box, especially their first time.  Can you believe she just hopped up after Stormy?  She was fine when they reached their destination.

pixie_york_fairFirst Time in a Strange Place

Understand, this is the YORK FAIR!  Rides, lights, other farm animals, crazy sounds, crazy smells, even a helicopter giving rides directly and very low overhead.   Erynn simply led Pixie from the trailer to the Utz Building, no issues.

First Time on Display

Pixie stood quietly in the stall with Stormy holding her head outside letting everyone come and pet her and love on her.  Little kids, wheelchairs, everyone reaching and putting their hands all over her.  She simply enjoyed it.


 I AM FLOORED!   I had absolutely no idea that a foal could behave this way.



Sooooooo Pixie is coming back to the York Fair this Friday, September 12th – come meet her in person!!!!!  As you can see, she looks WAY different than she did at birth… she’s a very tall girl and lightened up to her classic champagne color.  Erynn will be putting on a small demo with Pixie at 5:30 pm.  If you decide to come to the fair, remember, Pixie and Stormy are in the Utz building!




Pixie’s first steps….

foal_birthThe process of Pixie standing up for the first time was very interesting to me.  First, I had no idea how much these mares lick their foals.  We think of dogs and cats licking their little ones, but we don’t always think about horses doing the same.  From the moment Stormy saw Pixie, all she wanted to do was lick her… and lick her some more.  Then, Stormy started biting Pixie… she would bite her shoulder, her head, her legs.  This was because she was telling her stand up – instinct – “you must stand, and we must be able to move in case of danger.”  One would think – oh, she’s terrible, she is biting her, but she was actually being a good mom, saying – “I want to keep you safe!


It was also pretty amazing that Stormy stood up, but then laid right back down next to Pixie – she was either tired or wanted to be closer to her, not sure which.  Pretty amazing to watch nature and instincts.

First time trying to stand….


Sorry for the graphic images, but the placenta/bag is still attached here.  I have to say something about that thing.  I picked it up and was examining it later.  How incredible it was to really look at that thing up close.  There were so many blood vessels running through it, and the bag was similar to a very thick balloon.   It was weird, though, that every time I messed with the placenta across the room, Stormy would whinny at it.  There must have been something about the smell of it, or maybe it made her nervous that it was still around, and predators may be attracted to it?



Another attempt at standing – this time, she slid in her placenta….



One more time sweet baby….



once she was up, she found her balance very quickly.



All cozy, dry, and warm…..



this is the point we realized we did not have a black and white paint foal on our hands.  This….. was a classic champagne.   Look at the pink skin…. and…. blue eyes!  Knowing what we did of classic champagnes, we knew most likely, the eyes would turn hazel to amber and she would end up being close to the color of a weimeraner dog in the future… so we knew she would lighten up, but how amazing to know we ended up with one of the more rare colors!


Foal Birth – The Birth of Pixie, Classic Champagne Filly

I’ve never been a part of a foal birth.  I am absolutely OVERWHELMED by the amount of people who joined us from ALL OVER the world watching and waiting for Stormy’s to give birth to this special little filly.   When I originally set up this surveillance camera situation, I did it so that Erynn (my daughter and owner of Stormy) and I would not miss the birth.  I decided to go ahead and host with MareStare and open it up for anyone to watch.  I had no idea that we would get thousands and thousands of people joining us.

I’m so happy that we were able to share this special time with all of you.   I’m working on getting some of the video footage, but if you were watching at around 2 a.m. this morning, you realized that 1,000 pound Stormy, dropped to the ground and birthed this foal so quickly, there was nothing we could do about the camera angle.

Here’s the birth story in still photographs….

Erynn (age 15 tomorrow! 😉  Yes, this little one was born one day before Erynn’s birthday! and I had had some false alarms with Stormy.  She had so many signs of impending birth, but it just never happened.  We spent 6 nights – overnights – at the barn.   We were finally a bit frustrated.  Monday night, I went up to the barn as usual and checked on Stormy.  Erynn had reported her milk was opaque white and I checked her udders and WOW – they were huge – bigger than the “huge” they were already.  I knew that within the next 48 hours, she would deliver, but I assumed that night would be a good time to watch.

We came home, and I was getting ready to take a shower and was relaxing with the laptop, when I saw Stormy lay down.  It was only 9 p.m., Stormy doesn’t lay down at 9 p.m.  “That’s it, Stormy’s down, let’s go….” and off to the barn we went.   We stayed up in the camp room, watching Stormy from the laptop.  Erynn fell asleep and I started the awful setting my alarm for every 30-45 minutes so I could assess the situation, and then sleep another 30-45 minutes.  I had been doing this for weeks.

Around 11 p.m., Stormy was munching on some hay and then stood still.  I thought – NOOOOO!!!!  Not again!  This must be a false alarm!  I knew I was going to be miserable for work the next day and was just overall upset…. I kept drifting in and out of sleep, and around 1:30 a.m., I realized that Stormy was very much in labor.  She was kicking at her belly, yawning big, stretching her neck, and pacing.   At almost 2 a.m., Stormy laid down again.  I woke Erynn up.  We sat and watched the screen and I figured Stormy would get back up, pace, do her thing, and lay down again.  We knew her water hadn’t broken yet, so this was still a process, right?

Something told me to go down to the barn and check on her.  We stumbled our way through the darkness, and started calling “Stormy!  It’s us…. ” so as to not startle her.  She stayed laying down.  Ooo… this is promising.

We peeked in.  Yeah, I better get my camera.  I went back out the door to grab the camera, and Erynn says, “Her water broke.  I see feet!”  Sure enough – yes… yes… there were perfect little white feet with… ummm… black spots?  What????  Could it be?  Could we actually have a dark foal?  This was our hope as we think Stormy is beautiful, but do you know what it takes to keep a white and champagne horse clean????  But we just knew this baby would be light.  We knew the genetics.  We knew we could have a black, amber champagne, classic champagne, or bay base out of this… but with the sabino gene factoring in as well, there should be a lot of white.

I didn’t even have time to assess whether or not the feet were front or hind or whether or not things were going as they should be, because Erynn said quietly.  “It’s DARK!”

There… that was when you could see this little dark nose emerge.  WHAT?  We have a dark baby???!!!

Within MINUTES… the baby just quickly slid right out….

When the baby slid out, you can see, her little head was under Stormy’s hind leg, under the joint, so when Stormy would sit up a little – to a sternal position – I felt like the baby’s head would have been hit.  Maybe it wouldn’t, but my gut said – we waited over a year for this baby! (infertility issues then the entire 340-some days!)  I’m not letting anything happen!  So I snuck in the stall, grabbed baby’s head, and pulled her just out of Stormy’s leg reach, and while I was at it, I tore the sack open with my fingers and brought it over her head, and quickly exited.

The second Stormy saw her baby, she let out this low whinny…..  She was in love…..

at this point, barn owner, Dolores, came in, and she was also shocked that we had – what we thought was, a black and white baby!  We then watched the interaction between mom and baby.  Dolores had witnessed this so many times in her life, it was wonderful to have her there to tell us what is normal.  She said that Stormy was a wonderful mother and that the baby was nice and strong.

My favorite moment………..

As we watched the little one get up and walk for the first time…. we realized something.  This was NOT a black and white foal.  We were making notes of the pink skin around the muzzle, around the eyes, and on the “girlie parts”.  This was a champagne.  Stormy’s champagne genetics came through on this one.  However, this is not a classic champagne was it?  She’s darker…. with a bit of a surprise…… two blue eyes.

We went home and went to bed…. much needed sleep at LAST!   We would come up later and assess this strange champagne color again later….

I also have the official video from Mare Stare – they put this together for us.